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Bring Your Party to the Next Level with an Affordable Photo Booth Rental from Photo Boothin

Renting a Photo Booth is an unique way to make your big day a little more unforgettable and entertaining. From wedding receptions to corporate events, they’re the right party favor and the entertainment goes a long way! Photo Booths will make your party amazing and memorable. Photo booths are becoming a must-have at weddings, birthdays and special events & their popularity doesn’t seem to be faltering. What will a Photo booth do for your party? It’s a good source of entertainment, photo booths get guests talking, and creates memories and keepsakes of the event through photos.

Fun in a Photo Booth

Capture All the Fun and Spontaneous Moments from Your Event with a Photo Booth from Photo Boothin

Our Photo Booths are guaranteed to bring your Wedding Party, Corporate Event, Birthday or Other Occasion to the Next Level, while creating Fun, Silly and Hilarious memories and keepsakes that will last a lifetime. Dazzle your guests with the newest in Photo Booth Tech or choose some of our vintage photo booths. Whichever you choose, we know that you and your guests will have a great and memorable time.

Photo Booth Props

Don’t Forget the Props! Stick Props, Customized Photo backdrops, and more! Here’s a great list of prop ideas to get your mind thinking about what you want to bring to your party for your photo booth. Let’s start with headgear! Classy Black Top Hat, Princess Crown and Sash, Roman Battle Helmet, Viking Helmet, Halo, Sailor Hat, Elf Hat with Pointy Ears, Cat Ears (meow)… does that give you some ideas? Use your imagination and your guests will too when they step into your booth.

Photo Booth Props

Now Face Gear! Big Geeky Glasses, Mustache + Nose + Eyebrow Mask, Beer Goggles, Elvis Glasses, Fake Beards, Animal Ears and Noses, Mardigras Mask and Beads, Blinking holiday Glasses… What better way to get people involved than by putting something in their hands. This is where things get fun! Handhelds are a great way for your guests to interact with each other inside the booth to get the best pictures. Here are some ideas for handhelds: Foam Fingers (of your favorite and rival team), Plastic Ball and Chain, Caveman Clubs, Fake Mustache on Stick, Inflatable Guitars & Microphones, Empty Champagne Bottles…. Now Your Getting the Idea!

Have Fun With Photo Booth Props

You Have to Have Accessories!  Hawaiian Leis, Blowup Animals, Gladiator Body Armor, Angel Wings, Coconut Bikini Top, Fake Torches, Giant Snowflakes…. You can never have too many accessories. Just about anything can be used as such. Some popular props that fit here are the all-mighty feather boas. Your Party or Event is Unique! have fun with Props & Accessories… Your Guests will Love It!

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